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Augmented Reality: Examples for applications and future innovations

By 12. February 2020 No Comments
Definition Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality: Examples for applications and future innovations

Up to now, Augmented Reality has mostly found its use in the simplest form by using this technology on a smartphone or tablet. Technological progress, however, has also attracted the attention of the business community and has led to new marketing concepts or training methods. For example, Augmented Reality can revolutionize the marketing of products and their development.


Marketing with Augmented Reality

In the case of product marketing, numerous studies have shown that people make an emotional connection with a brand primarily through visual experience. Nowadays this happens almost every day in the form of advertisements on television or on animated billboards in pedestrian zones. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR), this can be transformed into an experience for the customer so that he can immerse himself in a real brand experience. Advertisements can be projected onto the user’s field of vision and enriched with sounds, haptics and even smells. This increasingly blurs the boundaries to reality and allows users to interactively test all specifications of a product or similar.

Applications in the field of teaching

Augmented Reality can also provide new forms of visualization. For example, it is already being used in teaching to give medical students a virtual version of the human body to help them understand human anatomy. This allows sevral students to walk around the “holographic” object at the same time, to exchange ideas and take a closer look at details. Further, Augmented Reality can be used to reconstruct historical events, or to visualize them for people of the after time and make them interactively experienceable. For example, an ARKit demo makes it possible to project the moon into a room and watch Apollo 11 land.

Shopping made easy

Even major brands such as the furniture manufacturer Ikea have recognized the potential of this technology and are already using it very successfull. This enables them to offer their customers real added value because they can try the products directly, using augmented reality. With the Ikea app, digital models of the furniture can be tried out directly in the room by displaying them virtually, selecting the desired piece of furniture from the catalogue available in the app and placing it in a possible location. In this way you can then judge directly whether, for example, the new couch fits as you imagined it to fit and which table would suit it.